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Bob's Guitar And Piano Instruction

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Bob’s Guitar And Piano Instruction takes pride in providing the best guitar and piano instruction and satisfying the students needs. I specialize in music instruction, private guitar lessons, private piano lessons, performance, theory and composition. Above all I look forward to your business and serving you. Contact “Bob’s Guitar And Piano Instruction” today at (315) 731-7228.
Hi I’m Bob owner of Bob’s Guitar And Piano Instruction I’m a friendly, personable, professional guitar and piano teacher with 18 years of teaching experience. Noteworthy I have a BM from “Crane School Of Music” and have 40 years of playing experience. “Bob’s Guitar And Piano Instruction” is located at 52 Genesee Street New Hartford N.Y. and my studio is sound proof, clean, with a spacious waiting room. There is plenty of parking to accommodate your parking needs.

At Bob’s Guitar And Piano my guitar and piano teaching philosophy is to have fun and let my students feel free to express themselves. First of all by letting the student express themselves, this enables me to gain their confidence. Second I can entice the student to look deeper into the music that they are learning. Finally through out the lesson I will show by example how to interpret, feel, and play what is written on the page. Above all I love to see the look on the students face when they finally are able to play a song that they thought, was not obtainable.

The age of the student is no problem for me to teach! I have taught guitar and piano to students as young as 4 years old to adults of 80 years old. Rather you just have to treat each student as an individual with specific needs and goals. Certainly being able to teach some one a skill such as playing guitar or piano, greatly depends on that person’s personality. Some students are shy, some are robust, some you have to dig deep until you reach their creative side. As a result when you have reached them inside you know you have them hooked, “Nirvana”.
Learning to play guitar or piano is more than just notes on a page. Certainly it is culture, a way of life, language, mathematics, spacial skills, dedication, discipline, love, joy, belonging and so much more. Furthermore that is the essence of music and learning the skill of making music. Finally music enriches your life, opens your inner self to imaginary places, landscapes from the heart, the mind and the soul. So therefore join me at “Bob’s Guitar And Piano Instruction” in this musical journey of enlightenment.
Hope to teach you soon!
Robert C. Kuehnling
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Our daughter loved taking piano lessons from Mr. Bob! He is a wonderful instructor, he makes them feel comfortable and relaxed. She looked forward to going to lessons every week and Bob Kuehnling is a wonderful instructor.

Kathy R.

I have taken lessons with Bob for four years now and he is one of the best teachers I have ever had and one of my favorites. He has taught me both guitar and piano and has helped me with my songwriting. I definitely recommend Bob if you want to learn how to play some good music!


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