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Why Choose Me And Faq


Degree Professional Teacher

B.M. in music performance – “Crane School Of Music”

Progressive Curriculum

I teach to the individual.

Unique Programs

Music programs created for the individual.

Clean/Sound Proof Studio

Private, clean studio with no distractions. 

Comfortable, clean waiting room

What can I say, I like it clean!

Convenient Location & Parking

Plenty of parking space.

Make Up Lessons

Make up lessons are always available.

Specializes in many music styles.

40 years of experience.

Convenient Lesson Times.

Convenient lesson time to fit your busy schedule.



Do you teach privately?

Yes I only teach privately.

Are lessons once a week?

Well that does depend on the individual. I recommend that most students come once a week.

Do you offer make ups?

Yes I do offer make ups but it is the students responsibility to set them up.

Can I cancel at any time?

I like be notified two weeks in advance of cancellation.

What age groups do you teach?

5 years and up.

Do you supply materials?

Well I have vast music resources that I am willing to share with my students. Method Books and music I do not have are the students/parents responsibility to purchase.

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