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Robert C. Kuehnling
Studio Phone: 315-731-7228
Email : jbobkmus@hotmail.com
           Web Site: www.bobsguitarandpianoinstruction.com


Name 1._________________________________________________ Age______________


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Instrument(s): Guitar: Acoustic_____________Electric_____________

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City:_____________________________________________________ Zip Code_________ 

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Lesson Length: 30 Min._____ 45 Min._____ 60 Min._____

*(30 Min.= $20.00, 45 Min.= $30.00, 60 Min.= $35.00)

*Please read my studio policies carefully, then sign and return this form to me.

I have read, understand and agree to the enclosed policies.

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Robert C. Kuehnling
Studio Phone: 315-731-7228
Email : jbobkmus@hotmail.com
Web Site: www.bobsguitarandpianoinstruction.com



Payment Options:

Per Week (Fixed Time Slot) : Half Hour   $20.00
Per Week (Fixed Time Slot) : 45 Minutes  $30.00
Per Week (Fixed Time Slot) : Full Hour    $35.00
Every Other Week!               : Full Hour    $40.00
Floater (No Time Slot)          : Half Hour   $25.00
Floater (No Time Slot)          : 45 Minutes  $35.00
Floater (No Time Slot)          : Full Hour    $40.00


Monthly Tuition is due at the First Lesson Of The Month. Monthly payment is based on how many weeks that are in a given month. Most months have 4 weeks some have 5 weeks. If due to your financial circumstance you can not pay monthly you can pay weekly. If paying weekly you are still responsible for paying for the amount of weeks in that month. If you want a specific time slot then it is your responsibility to follow this payment policy. If you come for an hour per week you get a $5.00 break on the hour. Taking a hour lesson every other week is $40.00 per hour. You only get the rate break on an hour lesson every week. A floater is some one who does not want a fixed time or wants to take lessons when they can. So you would pay $5.00 more per lesson. You would also have to call me to set up a time for a lesson. Also there are no rollovers unless I miss your lesson. Then if you do not want a make up I will apply that $ amount to your next month payment. For school vacations and family vacations you are not charged. I’m trying to be fair on my lesson pricing but these are my payment policies so please follow them. Please pay promptly. *Realize that you are not just paying for lessons but also a specific *Time Slot in my studio.

Note: Teaching Guitar and Piano privately is how I make my living. I am not retired or doing this part time. I am a professional full time teacher. This sets me apart from a lot of people who are in this business just for some extra income!

*If paying by check make payable to me *Robert C. Kuehnling.

Cancellations: Please let me know as soon as possible if you are going to miss your lesson. You can call/text or email me.

Note: *You are responsible for any missed lessons. There are no exceptions. Don’t worry make-ups are always available!

Make-Up Lessons: It is always possible to schedule make-up lessons. I am flexible so there should be no problems.

Note: Make-Ups are your responsibility!

Materials: Guitar: You will need a tuner and metronome.
Piano: You will need a metronome.

Note: I have vast music resources. I do not mind sharing music resources with my students. You will have to purchase sheet music if I do not have the music you need.

Practice Time: The amount of time the student needs to practice depends on what the student wants to achieve. You should practice each day, 15 minutes for a beginner, 30-60 minutes for the more advanced/serious student. Also you probably should not practice more than 15 minutes at one time. Split your time up, focus on one specific goal at a time. Please practice what I assign you. There are reasons for me to assign you specific tasks. If you do not practice correctly or with a specific purpose you are wasting your practice time. Be focused, alert, and disciplined in your practice routine and you will grow faster as a musician.

Students Responsibilities:

1. Practice daily!
2. Self discipline to achieve a specific goal.
3. Have a positive attitude.
4. Relax.
5. With steady practice! You will get better.

Teacher Responsibilities:

1.To provide a positive learning environment.
2. To provide structure, discipline, and direction.
3. To guide the student through the maze of music achievement.

Parental Responsibilities:

1. Please stay in touch with your child’s progress.
2. Know what they are practicing.
3. Be aware of your child’s practice routine.
4. Be prepared to buy music when needed.

Note: If you the student/parent ever have any questions or problems, please talk to me. I am sure there is an answer to any situation. (write me a note, call me, email me or set up a time to talk).

Student Dismissal: *Reasons for Student Dismissal.
1. Lack of payment.
2. Not paying for lessons per month.
3. Consistently not prepared.
4. Rude or non respectful behavior.

Days Off:

Thanksgiving: Nov. 24
Christmas: Dec. 25
Mid Winter Break: Feb?
Spring Recess: April?
Memorial Day: May 26
Note: If you want lessons or make ups on school vacation time it is alright with me. Just let me know.

School Activities: Please look ahead to any activities (sports, plays, dance, etc.) that would create conflicts with taking lessons. If there is going to be a conflict let me know as soon as possible. I am flexible so there should be no problem in finding a time slot for you.

Summer: Some students take time off in the summer. I really do not think that this is a good idea but I can understand. If you want to take some time off and keep your time slot you will need to take at least 2 lessons per month. I think that is fair. If you do not take any lessons during the summer I can not in good faith keep your time slot open for you. I will try but I can not guarantee that I can save your lesson time slot.

In Closing: Thank you for your patronage!

Robert C. Kuehnling

Why should you choose me?


Degree Professional Teacher

B.M. in music performance – “Crane School Of Music”

Progressive Curriculum

I teach to the individual.

Unique Programs

Music programs created for the individual.

Clean/Sound Proof Studio

Private, clean studio with no distractions. 

Comfortable, clean waiting room

What can I say, I like it clean!

Convenient Location & Parking

Plenty of parking space.

Make Up Lessons

Make up lessons are always available.

Specializes in many music styles.

40 years of experience.

Convenient Lesson Times.

Convenient lesson time to fit your busy schedule.



Do you teach privately?

Yes I only teach privately.

Are lessons once a week?

Well that does depend on the individual. I recommend that most students come once a week.

Do you offer make ups?

Yes I do offer make ups but it is the students responsibility to set them up.

Can I cancel at any time?

I like be notified two weeks in advance of cancellation.

What age groups do you teach?

5 years and up.

Do you supply materials?

Well I have vast music resources that I am willing to share with my students. Method Books and music I do not have are the students/parents responsibility to purchase.

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